Relax like a star designer

Everyone needs relaxation and a break from work from time to time. Which is also true for a brilliant designer and well-known workhorse like Ferdinand Porsche. His personal refuge was located in Hochwolkersdorf close to the Hungarian border and bore the name
Louisenhütte – named after his wife and his daughter respectably.

On weekends, he grabbed his Alpenwagen two-seater and retreated, usually only accompanied by his two faithful companions, the dogs Niegerl and Jacky, to enjoy nature, hunting or picking mushrooms. Rumor has it that he lacked the patience for fishing.
This image with the Austro Daimler 617 parked in front of the Louisenhütte was probably taken during a family outing. Seated in front of the wheel we can see Ferry Porsche, next to him his mother Aloisia and Porsches nephew Ghislaine Kaes, while daughter Louise sits on the carriage with the Fox Jacky.

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