ADM-R Stuck Privat Wagen

Hans Stuck was a German-Austrian racing driver and such a car was his private car: it’s an ADM-R dating from 1929. The vehicle has wooden bodywork and a 120-horse power engine weighing 1200 kilos developed by the engineer Karl Rabe. It is actually the basic ADM-R racing car model with mudguard wings.

Hans Stuck’s sports car is a very fast and manoeuvrable vehicle with oscillating axles on the rear wheels. It also has a dickey seat, which is a foldaway seat behind the front seats. The aluminium piston engine with an especially high torque means the vehicle is well suited, above all to mountain or hill driving, but only two cars of this model were ever built.
Type, Year: AD-R 6 Sport, 1929
Size: 2994 ccm
Cylinder: 6 Cylinders, 4-Stroke
Power: 100 PS
Top Speed:
130 km/h
RPM: 2250 rpm
Gears: 4 / 1
Drive: Kardan