Ferdinand and the “Argonaut”

She was the terror of the Wörthersee. 14.8 m long, 40km/h, 27.5l displacement, four beds and a six-cylinder aircraft engine. Which wasn’t surprising, considering the fact, that the impressive yacht “Argonaut” was built in the former aircraft factory ÖFFAG in Wiener Neustadt. Of course, with the participation of Ferdinand Porsche, who was still employed at Austro-Daimler at that time. After the end of World War I, the market was bad, which affected both the Austro-Daimler works and the ÖFFAG. So when the order for the construction of the luxury yacht came in, everyone was delighted. And Porsche was no stranger in Wiener Neustadt anyways.

In 1910 he had already been involved in the construction of aircraft engines, which reached, up to 360hp by the end of the war. With the construction of the “Argonaut” Porsche had worked on vehicles for air, land and water – further proof of the great range of his skills.

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