Mann fahrend auf der Straße in einer der ersten Rennwägen

Hans Stuck – from milk delivery boy to genius racecar driver

1929 Austro Daimler worked very hard to stay on top of the racecar competition and especially designed a car for it’s tall and reckless driver.

The car was based on the ADM III Sport but lighter and stronger and on top of it built with an exciting new sports car body and a giant stirring wheel. With it, the racecar driver Hans Stuck, known for his breakneck driving style, won 46 alpine races, 41 of it with the record time of the day.
Who knew that he started his career as a humble milk delivery boy in his birthplace in Bavaria. But already back then he was said to have speeded so much on the narrow mountain roads that sometimes the milk had already turned to butter when he arrived in the shops.
Hans Stuck started his racing career in a car that he adjusted himself before driving for Austro Daimler as from 1927. During this time he was almost unbeatable in alpine races and thus advanced to being the poster child for Porsche cars.

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