Risky race – who let the dogs out?

The entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio founded the „Targa Florio“, the legendary Sicilian race that was held until the late 70ies. The narrow mountain- and coastal streets were full of dangers. Steep cliffs, rocks and trees along the way, unattended cats and dogs, chicken and lots of spectators made this race one oft he most daring and dangerous ones of all times. Paul Scheef, whose Mercedes we can see on the picture had a taste of this as he had to make do with rank 7 after his accident with a stray dog. And what kind of race would it have been hadn’t there been a Ferdinand Porsche in the picture. In 1922 the small „Sascha“ cars had an advantage over the more heavily built racecars even with their smaller engine capacity class and thus achieved better times during the race. With 11 victories Porsche was the most successful brand ever at the „Targa Florio“.

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