The tractor in winter

Inspired by the season, we’re about to answer the question what tractors actually have to do in winter. Concerning the historic vehicle the question is easy to answer: A few very fine examples of the legendary Porsche diesel tractor with the red noses, spend both summer and winter safe and sound in the Traktorstadl in the Erlebniswelt Fahr(T)raum. But also the life of our pretty exhibits was not always this easy. A hard season of work at the field and in the forest, was usually followed by a less busy winter period.

Many farmers took the cold season as an opportunity to thoroughly check their tractor
and carry out any repair work. For tractors of this generation – the latest Porsche tractors were produced in 1963 – the farmers could often fix problems themselves. With later models the technique got more complicated and a specialized workshop had to take over the service. Apart from this, a tractor occasionally had to drag felled tree trunks out of the forest over the snow or free a stuck car, but otherwise the winter was a contemplative time – also for the big red workhorses.

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