Now on exhibit at fahr(T)raum: the world´s only Austro Daimler ADV Boat Tail!

The last design which Ferdinand Porsche engineered as technical director for Austro Daimler is now on display at fahr(T)raum Mattsee: the Austro Daimler ADV Boat Tail. It was built in Wiener Neustadt in 1923, but it received its unique chassis – the „Boat Tail” – in the 1950s in the USA.

The ADV is a six-cylinder with a displacement of 4430 ccm, 59 hp and a top speed of 100 kph. It is a further development of the well-known AD six-cylinder vehicle and was considered a luxury class passenger car. Unlike the AD, the ADV had four-wheel brakes (therefore the V = vier, 4). The block motor forms a unit with clutch, transmission, steering and cooling, which is flanged to the chassis accordingly. Production of the ADV ended in 1927 without a successor.

In 1945, Colonel James Withbread discovered this model in the Ausseerland and took it to the USA, where it was driven and restored between 1945 and 1953. This is where its famous „boat tail” was added, which was supposed to express the boat owner Withbread´s passion for sailing.

The special „stern” makes the ADV a unique collector’s item worldwide. Not only that, but it is in perfect condition, ready to drive and on display at fahr(T)raum Mattsee now.