International Day of the VW Beetle, 22. June

The International Day of the VW Beetle is imminent.

On 22 June, one of the world’s most-sold cars is being commemorated.

Since 1995, millions of VW Beetle fans have celebrated the popular VW Beetle on the 22nd of June. This day was initiated by Alexander Gromow, an expert of the VW scene and cofounder of the Brazilian magazine Fusca Clube Brazil. Supported by Dr. Bernd Wiersch, Curator of the car museum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, and Heinz Willy Lottermann, cofounder of the Bad Camberg-VW-Meeting, this day was proclaimed at the 5th International VW Meeting in Bad Camberg. This event is considered to be one of the most important meetings of VW veterans and special Beetles.

The date for the „Worldwide Day of the VW Beetle” was not randomly selected: on 22 June 1934, the contract between the Reichsverband of the Automotive Industry and Ferdinand Porsche was signed which not only obligated Porsche to develop a car for the people, but also to present a first prototype within 10 months. He promptly complied in February 1935. The foundation for the success story of the Beetle was laid …

Another reason to select the timing of the summer solstice was the pleasantly warm climate which normally prevails at that time.

Naturally, the likable and well-known Volkswagen is also commemorated at the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum in Mattsee near Salzburg. Next to the exhibited true to the original KdF car (model 1942), Brezel Käfer (model 1952) and Mexico Käfer 1200L (model 1972), the first VW Beetle Summer Tour is conducted on 24. July 2021, an excursion for all air-cooled VW Beetle models.

Celebrate with us the „Car of the Century”, visit our Old-timer exhibition and participate in the first VW Beetle Summer Tour!


Internationaler Käfertag,


Bild © Ludvigsen, Vorführung einiger Prototypen des Käfers für die internationale Presse im Februar 1939. Anlässlich der Berliner Automobilausstellung unter der Brücke in Dessau.


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