Resi, i hol di mit meim Traktor ab (German folk song)

The agricultural use of motorized vehicles is even older than the song from the headline. But where this song comes from, there are many more. The fascination for tractors has been unbroken from the start. Owned at the beginning only by a few large-scale farmers, it is now virtually indispensable in professional agriculture. But there’s more to it. The tractor has profoundly changed the face of agriculture and has created great social upheavals in collaboration with the industrialization. « There is little difference between this tractor and a tank. » John Steinbeck wrote in 1938 to describe this development in his famous novel « The Grapes of Wrath ». Despite all the criticism, the tractor was unstoppable.


We’ve devoted a good deal of space called Traktorstadl to the vehicles with the fascinating history. Here you can really imagine how tractors that have been the loyal companions of visionary farmers for many years, stood proudly in the barn after a hard day’s work.

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