Is your vintage car fit for 2016?

In the Erlebniswelt fahr(T)raum our exhibited historic vehicles are always in tip-top condition. But they make a good impression not only behind closed doors but are also out on the streets around Mattsee regularly. If you can’t call a real “vintage” your own but have always wanted to go for a ride in one, then you should pay us a visit!

In case your proud owners of a real historical vehicle, there’ll be a couple of nice tours for you this year. Which your classic should meet well prepared of course. According to a study an average of 750 to 2000 euros is spent on the repair and maintenance of vintage cars every year. However, a well-maintained vintage car also rises in worth within a few years and if you feel like repairing historic vehicles regularly and do it skillfully, this hobby is actually funding itself.

Which tours and events will you be doing this year?

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