Everyday robot helper “Road Flea” on exhibit at fahr(T)raum

At fahr(T)raum, one not only has the opportunity to admire a collection of historical cars and experience technology at first hand, but also get a taste of the future of mobility. Recently, the French inventor Jean-Luc Desbordes shared his vision of an everyday helper with us and presented the “Road Flea” robot prototype.

The “street flea” is meant to be used as a companion to carry heavy objects during everyday activities, e.g. in professional life, in the home or even during travel and sports activities. In doing so, it always follows the target person at a constant distance.

The robot is very easy to steer even without prior technical knowledge and should be offered at an affordable price. It is controlled by a microcontroller and consists of only a few components; inter alia, an infrared camera, a motor controller and a gyroscope or angle sensor.

In the future, the “Road Flea” could also be used with the aid of specific navigation modules in the military field, e.g. as a route finder, in a mined area or for first aid deployment.


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