Happy Birthday Ferdinand Porsche

Today, on September 3, 2015 Ferdinand Porsche would have been 140 years old. He was born in 1875 as the third child of the Spengler Anton Porsche in today’s Czech Republic and in the course of his life made it from a mechanic without higher education to one of the most ingenious car designers of all time.

We wish him a Happy Birthday! And wonder what kind of car he would choose nowadays…

He certainly would like the Erlebniswelt Fahr(T)raum. Especially the technical exhibition that always represents a special highlight for the little ones, who are allowed to touch everything, would have thrilled him. And who would not like to personally challenge the brilliant designer to a duel on the race simulator? During a visit to the Erlebniswelt Fahr(T)raum you unfortunately won’t be able to meet Porsche in person anymore, but some of his spirit definitely remains in the exhibition rooms.

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