“4 months of work have paid off” – VW beetle cutaway model is finished

If you ever wanted to take a closer look at the engine and gearbox of a VW beetle, then fahr(T)raum Mattsee is the place for you. The VW Beetle cutaway model, which has been time-consumingly restored by hand in the Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum workshop, is now finished and can be seen in the exhibition.

The rare cutaway vehicle comes from a driving school in Upper Austria and first had to be returned to running order by Mr. Riesner, a VW Beetle enthusiast and machinist. „I run a workshop in Traunstein, the Käfernest. Since July, I´ve worked mostly on Saturdays as a hobby on the Beetle cutaway model in fahr(T)raum and brought it back to life. It was really in very bad shape.”

During the restoration phase, fahr(T)raum visitors could look over his shoulder at work and ask him questions directly. „During my „tinkering” in the workshop I always had an adequate audience. Many vintage fans and hobby mechanics, often even whole groups, picked my brains and bombarded me with questions. But the work and the communication with visitors paid off. Once I was even hugged by a lady,” says Riesner with a smile. After four months, the model has now been completely restored and can be inspected at fahr(T)raum.

Specifications on the legendary Beetle engines can be found in the exhibition. An interesting detail in advance: the basis for the Beetle engines, which were considered small power plants, was laid in 1936. The tiny displacement of 985 cc with a bore of 70 mm and a stroke of 64 mm was a sensation in contrast to the then usual long-stroke engines.