When is a car actually considered a classic?

You love your old bowl and you’re spending a small fortune on repairs every year? Wouldn’t it be good to know whether your vehicle has already become a classic, or to put it in the correct jargon, a historic vehicle.

Well, we have good and bad news for you. Let’s start with the good ones: Is your car older than 30 years or built in 1955 or before, there is a chance that you’ve just parked a real classic car in front of your house. Now the bad news: Only a motor vehicle that is “worth preserving” and that is not used as an everyday car may be called a classic. The approved list of “historic vehicles” is published annually. Since it’s publication comes with considerable effort, the list can only be purchased from the”Kuratorium Historische Mobilität Österreich“.

If your vehicle is not included in the list, but you’re convinced that it can only be some sort of mistake, you can have it checked by the Advisory Board for historic vehicles. We wish you good luck!

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