Visionary cars – celebrating todays World Environment Day

For many decades now, cars with a combustion engine have been ruling the world. Now the electric car is back again with millions being put into development. Nonetheless sales have been slow. But in the light oft he scarcity of natural resources and todays World Environment Day it’s safe to say that the future of the electric car will remain exciting. Most interestingly, electric cars were amongst the first motorized vehicles. And again we stumble upon Prof. Ferdinand Porsche. As early as 1900 he developed the electric car „System Lohner Porsche“ which was talk of the town at the World’s fair in the same year. The construction worked without the usual transmissions, that were responsible for an almost 40 % power loss in a car based on a combustion engine. In it’s electric counterpart the power loss could be reduced by half. It was only later that the inexorable advance of combustion engines began which, in this new century, might soon come to a halt.

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