2014 racing car excursion of the Children’s cancer fund

The Austrian children’s cancer fund has been organizing this event for 11 years now. It was invented to create a day of pure enjoyment for children suffering from cancer. The racing car excursion counts on the fascination that a fast car provides – not only for children.

The event starts at the car dealer Palfinger who isn’t only providing the cars but also hosting a children’s party including fun activities like a bouncing castle and a face painting station. Afterwards there’s a sports car with a professional race car driver waiting for every child to cruise through Salzburg’s lake district.

Every year the Fahr(T)raum marks a much anticipated layover for the children. Ernst Piëch, founder of Fahr(T)raum sees it as his personal responsibility to put a smile on the faces of suffering children. The racing car simulator and the Carrera Circuit are always a special highlight. But the children are also very interested in our historic cars and eager to learn more about technology and history of the cars.
The racing car excursion 2014 was a complete success and a day to remember for the kids.

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