Is your car a sow, a beetle, or a duck?

It’s not uncommon to give loved ones, family or pets nicknames, quite on the contrary. But there’s also something else that moves us so much that we often call it a pet name. Exactly! Our cars.

The creations range from loving to mocking, sometimes even admiring. A racing car from Porsche, a 917/20 model of 1971 was, for example, nicknamed “The Sow” because it wasn’t only painted piggy pink but also designed with meat consignments. However, other manufacturers didn’t have it any better. The Volvo P 1800 ES was popularly called “Snow White’s Coffin” because of its glass rear and the BMW Isetta was called “kissing bubble” – probably because he was very popular with young couples.

Some vehicles were allowed more charming names like Cremeschnittchen or even Goddess. Probably the most famous nickname for a car is and remains the ‘Beetle’, which became popular super fast and was even picked up by VW in advertising. By the way, the original Beetle, the KDF-Car can be seen in our Ferdinand Porsche Erlebnsiwelten fahr(T)raum. Do you have a nickname for your car? Share it with us – maybe it’ll become famous too!

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