Flo and Wisch: Musical cabaret at fahr(T)raum

Is a Greisverkehr now something that makes you want to puke or simply a way to construct a road?

The two winners from the cabaret festival in 2014, Flo and Wisch will enlighten us in their latest program Ameriga, where the two end up, thanks to the so called “softening of consonants” that should be well known to any Austrian and of course thanks to Joesi Prokopetz who directed the program.

As the football analysis expert, televangelist and spelling officer Herbert “Broasga” tells us: You should be allowed to write everything, “wie das man es schbricht! (the way you say it)”

You can see the program on the 23 of July at the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum.

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