Ernst Piech, Sohn von Ferdinand Porsches Tochter Louise auf einem der historische Fahrzeuge bei fahr(T)raum

Ernst Piech and the dream of the fahr(T)raum

In order to believe that it’s not always easy to be a member of the Porsche family, you do not have to ask Mr. Ernst Piech.

Undoubtedly he has a lot to say about the matter, but what’s actually much more important is, that with the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelt fahr(T)raum he finally fulfilled himself a great wish in 2013. Ernst Piech is convinced that this is very much in the spirit of his late grandfather. It was all about creating a place where real historical vehicles wouldn’t become static museum objects, but vivid, comprehensible testimonies of the automobile history. Visitors should touch, try out and, if they want, even drive.

When Ernst Piech, the son of Ferdinand Porsches daughter Louise, had to share a small house in Salzburg with 35 relatives after the end of the war, he probably wouldn’t have imagined that he would be able to realize such a great dream.

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