A historical luxury car with extras

In 1905, Siegfried Count of Wimpffen was a member of the Hungarian House of Lords, by the legacy of his grandfather a billion banker very rich and above all, a true car fanatic. Already in 1892 he had an automobile powered by steam delivered to Austria and sought a driving license at the Department of spectacle of the Vienna police. This way he became the first official motorist in the country.In 1900 he also was a committed member of the Austrian automobile club.

But in the beginning of 1905 von Wimpffen decided on a very special purchase: a Lohner Porsche Mixte car especially made with a 70HP Panhard engine. The Count spent more than what would be 120,000 euros nowadays on this vehicle. In the 20s he possessed an impressive car collection. Besides his Rolls Royce he also owned a couple of Austro Daimler cars.

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