Surprise for Ferry Porsche

The family life of Ferdinand Porsche was never boring. With his wife Aloisia he had two
children. A daughter Louise and son Ferdinand also called „Ferry”, who was 4 years younger than his sister. Ferry should later transform his father’s Porsche factory into the world-famous automobile brand that it is today. It was he who designed the well-known logo.

But in 1920 he was a little boy of eleven years, who was eagerly waiting for his big Christmas surprise. His parents had promised him a goat with a small wooden cart that he would be able to drive himself. But what he found beneath the Christmas tree wasn’t at all what he was expecting: Ferry got a real small car. His father had secretly built a two-cylinder engine, a cone clutch and a two-speed transmission into a small two-seater. They immediately named the car „Ferry mobile”. Many years later Ferry Porsche should still remember that his “Ferry mobile” had no differential and was hard to drive uphill in winter.

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