New Full-Motion Racing Simulator in fahrTraum – the Actoracer Ultimate

The fact that one can experience automotive history up close at the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum in Mattsee/Salzburg is nothing new. However – next to the modern 4-series Blue Tiger, the Prinz Heinrich- and the Tractor Simulator – what is new and unique is now also the Actoracer for the ultimate racing adventure.

The full-motion simulator not only replicates the acceleration, the braking, the curve and road conditions, it also conveys extremely realistically the suspension, contact with other vehicles and road boundaries. With up to 250 motion signals per second, the Actoracer achieves a realistic racing feeling in the driver. Although a stationary simulator is not able to simulate true G-forces, the Actoracer manages to stimulate the driver’s consciousness to the extent that he/she experiences the virtual environment as being real. During acceleration, the upper body is pushed toward the back of the seat and toward the steering wheel during brake manoeuvrers. In curves, the upper body is moved toward the outside of the bend. Effects such as bumps, curbs and any unevenness in the road are simulated by four high-performance actors, a swerving tailpiece with horizontal screens swinging in unison. Three 40″ screens are arranged around the driver. They generate a true racing feeling.

A special feature is that the screens accompany each and every effect and that the driver is not shaken back and forth. The steering wheel remains exactly where it is supposed to stay. The subconscious is not tricked by atypical movements; the driver perceives the situation as real and requires little or no acclimatisation phases.
Experience yourself what it feels like to drive a racing car and test our new Actoracer Ultimate!

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