Erste Seite des Buches von Gunter Haug über Ferdinand Porsche

Gunter Haug reads from his book „Ferdinand Porsche – Ein Mythos wird geboren”

On 15 March we will be welcoming Gunter Haug to fahr(T)raum Mattsee. The author will perform a reading of his work „Ferdinand Porsche – Ein Mythos wird geboren / A myth is born” in German at 7:30 pm.

The newspaper, radio and television editor and author of more than 30 books has dealt with the „human side of economic history” in several factual novels about the life of famous industrial pioneers.

In his book „Ferdinand Porsche – Ein Mythos wird geboren” Haug describes the life, setbacks and successes of the inventor and genius Ferdinand Porsche in detail and comprehensively over 448 pages. It is a biography that reads like a historical novel and is supplemented by interesting insertions such as that in which the 75-year-old Ferdinand Porsche together with his nephew Ghislaine Kaes discourses on the stages of his life on the way back from the Paris Motor Show in the autumn of 1950. Particular attention is paid to the engineer´s family circumstances because without his wife Aloisia (the „Louis”) and without his children („Louisl” Piech and „Ferry” Porsche) and beloved grandchildren, whom he infects with his automotive passion, the Porsche dynasty and vehicle brand would be unthinkable.

Quotes from „Ferdinand Porsche – Ein Mythos wird geboren“:
> „It is not technology that makes history, but the people who invented it”, p. 5.

Ferdinand Porsche, born on September 3, 1875 in the Bohemian town of Maffersdorf, died on January 30, 1951 in Stuttgart. Haug narrates his turbulent life between these dates expressively and riddled with many personal details, preferences, habits and quirks. His career started with the legendary Bela Egger company, the pioneer of electricity in Austria, moving from his first successes at Lohner (electric „Phaeton” at the Paris Motor Show) to his promotions at Austro-Daimler (first petrol-electric hybrid car, „Mixte-Wagen„) and the founding of his own engineering office in Stuttgart.


„The future belongs to electric drive,” said Sigmund Freud. “If one only thinks of the stink emanating from the combustion engines […] such vehicles should be simply forbidden because they make people ill”, p.104


Reading with Gunter Haug – Ferdinand Porsche, Ein Mythos wird geboren

15. March 2018 at 19:30, in fahr(T)raum