A shadow over Vienna

After the k.u.k. Army command decided for Fischamend as a location for its military aeronautical institution, the first military airship called M1 or Parseval was stationed there as well.
Of course, the Austro-Daimler Company in Wiener Neustadt was entrusted with the development of the 70 -hp engine and the production of the entire nacelle. The airship was supposed to be steerable and able to carry up to 4 people. The completion of this miracle of technology was celebrated in the airship hangar in Fischamend.
On his first trip through Vienna, Parseval put the whole town in frenzy, because for most Viennese people it was probably the first time they’ve ever seen an airship. In 1910 Parseval went to Budapest in what should become the longest stretch of his career.

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