The Steyr Austria and the Vienna Secession

When Ferdinand Porsche began working at Steyr in 1929, he had planned some ambitious projects. For example his Steyr Austria, which represented an impressive vehicle with its 100 hp and 8-cylinder engine.

The artist Gustav Gurschner, one of the founders of the Vienna Secession, developed the draft for the hood ornament. An Austrian flag with eagle’s wings was supposed to decorate the car. Gurschner, who had already designed the Semmering trophy is known above all for arts and crafts utensils such as doorknobs, chandeliers, lamps or belt buckles. But he was also one of the first sports car drivers in Austria which probably led to his acquaintance with Porsche.

Unfortunately, only a total of 3 copies were built of the Steyr Austria. The car was not put into mass production in favor of the Austro Daimler ADR 8 which found more support amongst the shareholders of the Credit-Anstalt.

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