The Russian Prince and his Austro-Daimler 14/35

The 14/35 chassis was a perennial favorite at Austro-Daimler for many years, not least because there was an immediate need for new cars in the aftermath of the First World War to revive business. So old plans were made into new cars.

This special exhibit in the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelt fahr(T)raum was built based on these old plans. In 1914 the British coachbuilder Harrington was instructed to build the superstructure for the 14/35 Chassis by a Russian prince with exceptionally good taste. Harrington built an adorable two-seater with fold-down windshield and fold-down desk. The side-mounted spare wheel is a nice touch just as well as Harrington’s idea to hide shifters and brake levers on the inner wall of the body.

Unfortunately, the prince remained lost after the Russian Revolution and the vehicle ended up with different owners and eventually and finally with us.

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