The long career of Super Sport Kurz

Shortly before Ferdinand Porsche founded his own design office, he still designed a legendary car. It was based on the famous Mercedes Benz S but the chassis of the SSK had been shortened to make it easier and faster. A better performance was expected in particular uphill and over short distances. The car eventually reached top speeds of 190 km/h, making it the fastest car of its time.

Of course, it also won numerous races: the Grand Prix in Cordoba in 1929, the Grand Prix of Ireland in 1930, the Grand Prix of Argentina and the Grand Prix of Germany in 1931 and many more until its production was discontinued in 1932.

During its time, the Super Sport Kurz left such a deep impression in the automotive world, that he was nominated for the « Car of the Century » Award in 1999. In 2004 an original model of the Mercedes Benz SSK was auctioned for 7.4 million US dollars.

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