Prizes, prizes, prizes at the third Alpine Rally

It was the penultimate of a total of 4 international Alpine Rallies and again Austro Daimler started with an impressive car: The AD 14/32 was an evolution of its highly successful predecessor, the 16/18. With a displacement of 3563 cc and 38 hp at 1500 rev/min, the production car already managed a top speed of 85 km/h. However, the racing version was even faster! The conditions for a successful race were in place.

Starting for the Austro Daimler team were well-sounding names such as the Archduke Karl Franz Josef, Count Schönfeld, Prince Elias of Parma and of course Porsche in person. Count Schönfeld, who as a production engineer at Austro Daimler, formed the so-called « iron Team » together with Eduard Fischer and Ferdinand Porsche, won the prize of the Krainer club. Prince Elias of
Parma won the Prize of the City of Ljubljana, Archduke Karl Franz Josef won the prize of the Vienna Car club and Ferdinand Porsche himself won the prize of the city of Trieste.

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