From our popular series: how to care for your classic car

Only shiny on the surface?

Even the most beautiful historic vehicle looks shabby if the interior is worn out. But how do you care for old leather? If it’s already very fragile, or the holes are too large, you should leave the work to a professional. There are many competent specialists. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to renew the interior partially or completely.

Normally, however, sufficient care and one or the other small repair work will suffice. In case you use leather color, you should make sure that you choose the matching color. There are also special cleaning agents for various purposes, for example, against denim stains. Always check at an invisible spot if your product bleaches the color.
You should note that it’s desirable in classic cars, if the seating brings a certain patina. Perfect cleanliness is not necessarily advised.

Before you begin with the leather lotion, you have to thoroughly remove any loose dirt and dust from the seats. It’s best to use a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards you should wipe the leather with a damp cloth. In no case, the cloth must be wet, which would soak the leather. If you use a cleaning agent you should immediately dry each cleaned area with a soft lint-free cloth. Let dry thoroughly and then apply the desired product. We recommend Leather Lotion.

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