Driving an electric car through the Viennese Prater

In 1905, the Viennese Prater was already an amusement center that wasn’t so unlike today. The Prater had been opened to the general public by the Emperor Joseph II only about 140 years before, and since then, more and more small enterprises had settled.

At first they were mainly shooting and snack stands. As a result of the technical progress, more and more electric drives were gradually being added. The best known of them is certainly the Riesenrad, which was erected in 1897. The Green Prater was then, as now, a green oasis of peace and relaxation. That is why driving with cars was forbidden. With one exception: the Lohner Mixte Porsche from 1905.

In addition to the many new electric drives, one probably couldn’t forbid an electric car ;-)

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