Celebrate the motor-free family day with us

There’s always something going on in the Salzburger lake district!

Like every year, the motor-free family day will kick off the Salzburg Harvest Festival on the last Sunday in August, which this year will be the 28.8. That of course means that roads will be blocked around the Obertrumersee including the Obertrumer and Mattseer Landstraße. This is also true for our historic vehicles of course ;-) Mattsee city center will be blocked till 20 pm. But you’ll be fine using public transport and bicycles.

Do stop by at the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelt fahr(T)raum. We have a lot going on:

11.00-18.00 Austrian Folk singer Hermann Höpflinger 6x 10 min,
traditional music in between

11.00-18.00 body painting for children

11.00-18.00 Action-Painting

11.00-18.00 jumping castle

11.00-18.00 Bar

11.00-18.00 food

Ca. 13.00-15.00 day care for children with trained nannies

12.00 Punch-and-Judy theater

13:30 Wizard-Clown „Geraldo »

15.00 Punch-and-Judy theater

16:30 Wizard-Clown „Geraldo »

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