Getting married like Porsches

To prepare a wedding is a beautiful thing that can just as fast become pretty exhausting. Invitations, location, food, flowers, dress, music – the list is endless. Speaking of lists. As banal as it sounds, a thoughtful checklist will save you a lot of last minute chaos. It is best to start with the major points like guestlist/invitations, church/registry office, location/food, clothing/jewelry and work your way through from there. Sometimes it helps to keep separate lists for the different topics.

With all that said you shouldn’t forget about those little details that will make your celebration very special. Imagine, for example the bride jumping out of a stylish historic vehicle in front of the church. Or bride and groom vanishing into honeymoon in a real classic car. Our vehicles even make for some very romantic and unique pictures – souvenirs of the most beautiful day in your life.

You can contact us anytime for more information. We would be glad to make your dream wedding perfect. By the way, pictured we can see the wedding of Louise – Ferdinand Porsche’s daughter. Which keeps us wondering what car they might’ve chosen for their perfect day?

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