From Steyr to Paris in a year

Ferdinand Porsche started his job as a technical director at the Steyr Company in 1929, after some unfortunate incidents at Austro Daimler. Quickly finding himself in a quarrel with the same officials of the Austrian Credit-Anstalt, who had already been the reason for his separation from Austro Daimler. Before finally starting his own business in 1930, he ended up still landing a coup for his employer in the form of the Steyr 30. The car was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show when Porsche no longer worked for Steyr. As the first automobile exhibition of international stature, it was also by far the most important automobile trade fair in the world back in the 1930ies. To exhibit there was one of the highest honors a car could receive. Porsche, however already prepared his next masterpiece in his own office.

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