The Austro Daimler AD 6/17 „Jagdwagen”

Originally, the Austro Daimler AD 6/17 was built as a test car in 1923 together with the Austrian Airplane Company (ÖFFAG).

The ÖFFAG produced the characteristic body structure made entirely of wood. Ferdinand Porsche took a liking to it and used the extraordinary vehicle for many years as a private car, especially for hunting trips with his family and beloved dog. But the „hunting car” had not yet arrived at the end of its journey. It landed in the Swedish royal family around King Gustav V, where it – quite true to its name – was used as a vehicle for hunting expeditions.

You can still see the mounts for the royal standards and the very car as well, if you visit us at the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum.

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