5 tons? A piece if cake! – The OM 5

What do Porsche and trucks have in common? And no, we are not talking of Lindsay Lohan, who crashed in a truck sitting in her Porsche but of very different vehicles.

Concerning the construction of racing cars Ferdinand Porsche is a true legend. Less well known is that he was also responsible for the construction of commercial vehicles. In cooperation with Daimler Benz in 1927 he built one of the first diesel trucks worldwide. Yes! That’s right: Trucks, designed by Porsche in person.

In a time when the idea of transporting ​​heavy loads with a motorized vehicle was still as new as sensational, Porsche presented a truck with 85 PS that could carry up to 5 tons– a real status symbol. In subsequent years, the famous Diesel logo on the radiator grille became synonymous with heavy goods vehicles.

It’s no coincidence that he won the Dewar Trophy in England. In order to win this prestigious award, the engine had to endure some tough tests to proof its unequivocal value for the automotive industry.

Even in New York the truck enjoyed great success. Pictured above we can see it in port just recently loaded from the ship and already being the undisputed star of the first demonstration.

More than 10,000 pieces of various types (buses etc.) and even special models with 150 PS were made until 1935.

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