Tipps Checkliste erste Oldtimer Ausfahrt Frühling

Tips for your first classic car outing of the spring

How to make your classic car good to go after the winter.

The first rays of spring sunshine draw classic car fans to their garages and carports. But what should you look out for after the long winter break? How do you get your darling ready for the first outing?

Once again, we spoke to our expert Max Lampelmaier, owner of car dealership Ford Lampelmaier in Mattsee and former Austria national rally champion. Together with his team, he maintains the classic cars at the fahr(T)raum Ferdinand Porsche Worlds of Experience in Mattsee and helps us out with tips and tricks.

As recommended in the autumn, before putting the car away for the winter, it is advisable to run through a checklist.

Checkliste & tips for the first classic car outing

According to Max Lampelmaier, the following actions should be on the checklist for the spring:

Tipps Oldtimer Ausfahrt im Frühling Öldruck

Important for the first ride: checking the water, oil and brake fluid.

  • Changing the oil
  • Checking the battery (should have been charged and discharged a few times during the winter)
  • Reinstating the original tyre pressure (if it was increased before the winter, if the car was not jacked up)
  • Checking the tyres for cracks and tread depth
  • Checking the rims – checking the spokes on pre-war cars (spokes must be tight)
  • Following the lubrication plan, if not done in the autumn
  • Checking the water, oil and brake fluid
  • Refilling with fuel
  • Cleaning and gapping spark plugs
  • Checking the Austrian 57a toll road sticker
  • Assessing the paint for any damage – buffing with polish as required

Another item on Max Lampelmaier’s list is oil pressure: “I am a great believer in starting oil pressure, i.e. terminating the ignition cable at the ignition coil and starting until the oil pressure light goes out.”

Once you have worked through all the items on the checklist, there is nothing stopping you from taking the first test drive of the spring. However, this should be done at a low speed. “On the first outings of the fahr(T)raum classic cars, we stop briefly after 1.5 – 2 km and check the brake drum by hand. It should be only warm and not hot. If it is hot, the brake cable or brake cylinder might be sticking,” the professional explains.

Have fun on your first outings of the spring, and we hope one of them might bring you to Mattsee in the beautiful Salzburg lake district – with a stop at the fahr(T)raum classic car museum!

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