The emperor’s new car

1907 Ferdinand Porsche designed his first pure gasoline car for Emil Jellinek, who named it after one of his daughters and hoped for enormous proftis. Unfortunately, the presentation of the vehicle happened in a period of economical crisis, which also affected the automotive market.

The Maja-car flopped dramatically and Emil Jellinek withdrew himself from the business. Porsche on the other hand, developed some amazing improvements for the car which eventually led to the Austro Daimler 28/32. This car shouldn’t only be produced until 1914 but was even to become the city car of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Pictured above in 1909 traveling with Archduke Franz Ferdinand during a maneuver.

The Austro Daimler 28/32 is available as a detailed model at different scales in the Erlebniswelt fahr(T)raum.

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